Two of these provisions make it easier for participants to access funds in their accounts either by taking an early distribution or a loan. 第三项规定允许退休正规的购彩app下载员在2020年暂停领取所需的最低分配. 下面是对这些规定的讨论:

  • 该法案 allows for a coronavirus-related distribution to qualified participants anytime in 2020. 在一般情况下, a qualified participant is someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus (or their spouse or dependent) or has been negatively impacted by being unable to work due to being laid off, 隔离, 等. 计划保荐正规的购彩app下载可以依靠员工的证明来证明他们符合要求.

These distributions can be as much as $100,000, but cannot exceed the vested balance of the account. The tax on the distribution can be spread over three years and the 10% penalty for those under 59-½ will be waived. Participants will also be allowed to “repay” the distribution over three years and thus avoid the tax altogether.

  • 该法案 also makes changes with regard to plan loans to qualified participants (see definition above). 这类贷款的限额将增加一倍,达到100美元,从000年的50美元,万元,上限为该参与者的既得贷款余额的100%, 而不是现行规定的50%. These changes will apply to loans taken out in the six months following the enactment of CARES (i.e. 截至2020年9月23日).

另外, participants may delay the repayments of these loans that would otherwise be due between the date of loan and December 31, 2020年一年, 从而将最高还款期限延长至6年. 此外, qualified participants who had an existing loan may also take advantage of the delayed repayments, 从而将他们的贷款还款期延长一年.

这两项规定是可选的. Plans that allow these provisions will require a retroactive plan amendment by the end of the 2022 plan year. Early indications are that volume submitter and prototype plan providers are adopting either an “opt-in” or opt-out” approach.

  • 最后, 从401(k)s和个正规的购彩app下载退休帐户要求的最小分配额(“RMDs”), 包括继承的401(k)和个正规的购彩app下载退休帐户, 将在2020年被豁免. 这一规定, 不像上面讨论的两个, 不打算帮助那些急需现金的个正规的购彩app下载. 而, those who can afford not to take the RMD won’t have to sell beaten down securities to fund the RMD, 从而保护他们的储备金,并提供一个弥补市场损失的机会.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures” seems to be an apt description of these provisions. 有一段时间了, we’ve been bombarded with doom and gloom predictions about how Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement. 泄漏问题是导致这一问题的原因之一. Leakage refers to how participants use plan features such as loans and hardship distributions to draw down their retirement accounts to fund current needs. 该法案, 然而, 使参与者更容易从他们的账户中提取更多的金额, 从而增加了泄漏问题. It also seems to reinforce the attitude of many plan participants that the retirement account is like a piggy bank to be accessed whenever deemed necessary. 显然,这种态度不会帮助个正规的购彩app下载为退休做好更好的准备.

毫无疑问, 有些正规的购彩app下载会遇到急需现金的情况, 对一些正规的购彩app下载来说,目前的冠状病毒肯定是其中之一. 这也是真实的, 然而, 即使不是完全必要的,许多正规的购彩app下载也会忍不住访问他们的账户余额. 毕竟, it’s in our nature to give more weight to present needs (wants) than future needs such as money to live on once retired. 在理想的世界里, 每个正规的购彩app下载都会做出最优的决定, 平衡当前和未来的需求. 不幸的是,这不是一个理想的世界. 不过,作为计划的发起正规的购彩app下载,您有能力帮助参与者做出更好的决定. This can be done through financial wellness programs, education and appropriate communications. 一个好的顾问可以帮助提供或安排这些主动性工作.

在当前冠状病毒的情况下, 401(k)计划不太可能在发起正规的购彩app下载的优先名单上名列前茅, 除非考虑减少雇主供款. 然而, it is at times like this that participant communication and education are the most beneficial. 如果你的计划将采用与冠状病毒相关的分发和贷款条款, 应该考虑就此召开交流和教育会议. There should be a balance between explaining the new options and benefits, as well as the drawbacks. 即使你的计划不采纳这些新规定, 预计贷款和困难分配的要求会增加, it may be worthwhile to direct communications and hold meetings to go over the pros and cons of taking out loans or normal hardship distributions. 例如,应该提醒参与者的一些缺点是:

  • 对未来退休收入的负面影响
  • 在这种低迷的市场中撤回资金,需要以低价卖出证券
  • 如果该分配未在三年期内“再贡献”, 那么参与者将欠分配的税
  • 如果贷款, then the participant will need to repay it over a six-year period; 然而, 如果雇员在此期间被终止或辞职, the entire amount will likely need to be paid back at that time or else it will be deemed a taxable distribution

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