Auto portability is a feature responding to the well-recognized trend in the U.S. 越来越多的流动劳动力. 雇员福利研究所(EBRI)估计,平均每个工正规的购彩app下载将有7个.在他们的正规的购彩app下载中做过4次工作, 这意味着每年估计有1000万拥有退休账户的工正规的购彩app下载换工作. 这些工正规的购彩app下载在换工作时需要做的决定之一就是如何处理他们的401(k)退休账户. 的选择是:

  1. Roll over to their new employer’s plan (“roll-in”) or to an individual IRA
  2. 不采取行动(我.e. 按原雇主计划离职)
  3. 套现

前两种选择的优点是,他们将参与者的账户余额保持在一个合格的退休账户中,这将有助于他们成功退休的可能性. 套现s are obviously the least desirable course of action, 造成“泄漏”问题(i.e. funds leaving the retirement system before retirement). A Federal Reserve Board study pegged the leakage rate at $0.每一美元中有40美元存入55岁以下参与者的固定缴款账户. This high leakage rate does not bode well for the overall success of the retirement system.

更好地理解退休计划分配决策背后的行为和心理, a study was conducted in 2015 by Boston Research Technologies (“BRT”), 与退休清算所合作, 有限责任公司, 在5,调查了000名退休计划参与者. 有趣的是, the study found that cash outs when changing jobs was prevalent across all age groups (e.g. 34%的千禧一代和x世代以及24%的婴儿潮一代在他们的正规的购彩app下载中都至少兑现过一个退休账户). 此外, about 75% of the cash outs involved accounts with a balance of less than $20,000, implying that participants may be more willing to cash out smaller account balances. Given the estimate of job changes by the average worker, this behavior is clearly detrimental to a participant’s retirement readiness.


根据现行法律,3.据估计,有1,000万拥有退休账户、每年更换工作(由退休清算所根据EBRI数据计算)的劳动者中,有400万正规的购彩app下载的退休金不足5美元,在他们的账户里有1万, 因此, 从他们的前退休计划强制分配到安全港IRA. According to the General Accountability Office in August 2009, almost 60% of these accounts are cashed out by participants, even 虽然 the cash outs are subject to taxes 和 penalties. 在调查高现金出出率时, BRT的研究报告称,参与者发现进入过程令正规的购彩app下载困惑,并认为这是一个耗时的过程. 这些看法, along with the inertia behavioral bias of participants, 可能是大量现金流出的原因之一.

自动携带功能使得雇员和计划发起正规的购彩app下载在换工作时可以很容易地转移他们的退休账户余额. The need for this feature is evident based on the facts 和 circumstances noted above. 此外, 在BRT的调查中,有一半已经兑现账户的参与者表示,如果转入账户和兑现账户一样容易的话,他们就不会这么做了. 这就是自动携带的可能性. 它的好处包括:

  • 减少泄漏, prevents leakage by automatically consolidating savings in a new employer’s plan, t在这里by systematically increasing overall retirement savings.
  • 减少重复帐目- 最小化成本,从记录费用的搁浅帐户或帐户维护费用的参与者的帐户分配到一个安全港IRA.
  • 减少,丢失或失踪的退休帐户- 使参与者可以很容易地监控他们的储蓄,并减少了计划赞助商追踪失踪参与者的成本.
  • 更适宜长期投资配置 invests savings in the new plan’s default investment option, 通常是专业管理的帐户.

Plan sponsors should consider investigating auto portability. 虽然目前还没有那么普遍, 鉴于它的好处, the potential exists for it to become as ubiquitous as auto enroll. 要做到这一点, 虽然, 国会和监管机构需要采取一些行动来创造适当的环境. Fortunately, recent activity in this regard has been encouraging.

To learn more about auto portability, please see Retirement Clearinghouse, 有限责任公司’s website –

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