Improving DC plan participants’ financial wellness is an increasing priority among plan sponsors. 这是怡安翰威特公司的一个重要发现 “2017年退休与金融福祉热点话题” survey of plan sponsors, covering a wide range of retirement and financial wellness matters. The survey highlighted the continued focus on financial wellness programs – those that go beyond retirement decisions. Approximately 60% of the plan sponsors surveyed reported that they will create or focus on employee financial wellness in 2017. 相比之下,三年前这一比例仅为30%.

部分调查涉及区议会规划事宜. 特别有趣的是对调查问题的回答, “What is the most important aspect of participant behavior your organization should address?” 最受欢迎的回答是:

然而这些反应都不令正规的购彩app下载惊讶, 值得注意的是,几乎两倍的调查参与者引用, 鼓励提高缴款率,正如那些引用, “越来越多的参与.” This is likely reflective of the large number of DC plans that have adopted automatic enrollment over recent years. It could also portend similar increases in plans adopting automatic escalation provisions. 目前, 自动升级条款不像自动登记条款那样普遍, but could grow in popularity as plan sponsors recognize the importance of increasing 贡献率.

Given the interconnectedness of participant behavior, even small initiatives can be beneficial. 例如, only 10% of plan sponsors felt that participants had sufficient knowledge about how much needed to be saved to help ensure a successful retirement outcome. A simple initiative that focuses on providing education to address this lack of knowledge could help improve plan participation, 贡献率, 和退休准备.

“认识到退休准备”的排名很高,令正规的购彩app下载耳目一新. Although DC plans have supplanted DB plans as the predominant retirement plan in the U.S., plan providers and participants have been slow to think of and manage DC plans as a true pension plan. This is evident in the focus on the total amount accumulated in the plan rather than the income stream to be provided by the plan. 虽然这种情况似乎正在逐渐改变,但还有很长的路要走.

Plan sponsors could benefit by reviewing the survey results and considering initiatives for their plans. The initiatives don’t need to be large and costly; small, 可以采取渐进的步骤来改善计划和参与者的生活. 与你的计划顾问讨论你的选择.

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