WoW Classic is not just about experiencing old content

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WoW Classic is not just about experiencing old content

Postby MMOexpshop » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:28 am

This exactly. I think people forget/dont understand about some of the class layouts back then. Going back from what we are used to now, most of the classes will probably be really boring to play even fewer spells and simplifed mechanics with wow gold classic (normally ). Question is if the old school RPG community and feel is enough to attract/keep gamers if the classes themselves are dull? I think BFA lost a lot of players from the exact same problem with course design/pruning when compared with legion. Therefore, even though the majority of the articles, zones, raids etc is good.

WoW Classic is not just about re experiencing old content it's about far more than that. The content and the older system was simply just a framework that has been conducive to allowing you to play and interact with people in enjoyable ways. That style of play is extremely replay-able because every time you play with a vanilla server it's with entirely new folks and no two individuals are the same. Working with individuals, creating new friends, creating new adversaries/nemesis on the opposite faction. This stuff is completely dormant in live/retail.

That's a fair critique, and I agree that it isn't just about re experiencing old content. There are vastly different kinds of players however, with very different motives for enjoying WoW Classic (one of which is to play through old content, whether for your first time, or not) and the people that play private servers now, will not constitute the entirety of the WoW Classic player-base. I'm saying it might be even better, if folks couldn't appear benchmarks, guides etc., and also make a class choice on that foundation, but instead had to really play WoW Classic and experiment to determine what's good and what they enjoy.

Shadow priest had subject talents and stuff too. Healers may sometimes enter darkness for enhanced fade. All of them get mostly the very same spells, bar a talented spell or there. And classes and specs were, actually balanced with best wow classic gold seller, to some degree. Yes, not every class is desired or workable for raids or lengthy conflicts. Some folks just liked farming. Others did PvP, others did PvE.
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