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Sign up
For each raid I will mention the time and date for the upcoming raid in the first post. You can sign up for this raid by posting a reply to the thread. The first post in the thread will be kept updated as to reflect who is accepted for the raid. If you're not an Immersion member you must sign up by replying to the thread using the following format:

    Character name - main spec class - off spec (if applicable) - secondary off spec (if applicable)
    Armory link and time/date preference.
    Ownymas - mage - arcane/fire or frost for Shannox hc ... mas/simple
    Done 7/7 FL 10 man normal, shannox/baleroc/majordomo on 10 man heroic. My main is Onymas 6/7 FL 25 man heroic experience.
    I can come on friday and saturday afternoons/evenings. I don't have a certain preference.

Please let your armory show your main spec talent build and gear. If you list an off spec, please also mention vital stats of your off spec gear -- in case the raid is full for your main spec, but you may be accepted to raid on your off spec. If you're signing up your alt, you may also link your main character to prove your experience. Even if the thread says the raid is full it may still be worth replying since people might cancel or not turn up.

If you are being considered that your name will appear on the list of the mainthread. If your post is deleted, then you are automatically declined. Once the list is completed the calendar invites will be spread towards the mentioned people. This will always be atleast 3 days in advance. You are expected to either fill in Accepted, Tentative or Decline.

I can 100% make the raid and I will be prepared.I don't have any issues getting online and I won't forget it hurr durr.

Im not quite sure if the appointed time will work for me.

I can't make it :(

I HATE Tentative and no reponse. I rather have that you decline than not letting me know whats going to happen. If you have this in your calendar and still show up, don't expect an instant raidspot.
Failure to sign up like requested will just end up with you being ignored.

Bring pots, extra food and flasks. Cauldrons and feasts will be taken care of. Depending on the raid we will try to go for hardmodes or not.

Show up
If you sign up for a raid and get accepted, please show up on time. You will lose your spot if you're not there within 10 minutes after appointed time.

As soon as you know you can't make it to the raid you need to post (or use the ingame calendar or in-game mail) and announce you can't make it. If you want us to take you seriously and bring you in future raids weekly we need players we can trust sign up well in advance but also announce in good time if they can't/plans change.

The actual raidspot
As you can see on the list at the raidthread there is also a list for ''unsure, standby'' people. These people will get an calendar invite, but most likely not a raidspot. However do not dispair. You will be taken into consideration if there are people missing. Also if there is loot that noone needs, then you can be switched into for a certain boss. You can ask in raidchat during the raid itself.
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