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Postby Onymas » Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:55 pm

Welcome to Immersions PUG-forum. Here we will post any upcoming raid we do with alts/mains/friends/pro players, during off-raiding days/hours.

Our current normal raiding hours are Sundays to Thursdays from 19.00-00.00, it's safe to assume no PUG raids are on these times unless we're done for the week.

Ventrilo is required for anyone attending our raids. Even if you don't have a mic, you are expected to join just so you can listen in. There are no tactics nor play directions given through raid chat -- to know when we pull and what to do, you need to be on Ventrilo. This is for your own gain as well, as no loots will be give to players not on Ventrilo.

Our Ventrilo server IP will be given in raid chat. The server uses version 3.x. For the sake of simplicity, please use the same name on Vent as your character in-game.

Gear and experience
It's up to the sole discretion of the thread-starter, i.e raid leader, too choose his raid. There's no "first come, first served" philosophy -- meaning you can sign up late and may still be accepted for the raid. We will choose players primarily based on gear and experience (who we know play good, or who can prove experience). This is because we run these raids in a high tempo and we want people that know their game. This doesn't mean you need to be kitted up in full BiS gear to get accepted for raids, but at least spend some time and effort in your choice of gear, even if it's not the best in slot.

Loot priority order

Again - its up to the discretion of the raid leader to choose his loot system. A common system is:

  • Main Spec's
  • First off specs
  • Secondary off specs

The differance between first and secondary offspec would be f.ex druids who play tank but also rolls on cat gear as offspec - he would then have cat as first offspec but moonkin/tree would be his secondary offspec. This is to prevent the tri-spec classes to hoard too much items.
A player's main spec is the one he's currently using in the raid (even if it's not actually his main spec -- i.e. if he got accepted to raid on his off spec), and only for this spec does he have priority over off specs. As for off specs, each player may choose one primary off spec, which takes priority over secondary off specs. If no players want an item for first off spec, people may roll on it for their secondary off spec.

Loot priority: Ownymas Firelands 25 man
The above loot rules are in effect for this raid. However to stimulate progress and fairness a few extra rules are being applied. Instead of using a DKP system, we will be using a rollsystem based on attendance. Each raid you have joined will let you roll 10 points higher, up to a max of 100 points. Both your minimum and maximum roll will get effected by these points. If you don't show up, miss a raid or suddenly disappear midraid then your points will be deducted by 10.

For example.
- Onymas has joined 1 raid in total. For raid #2 Onymas can roll 10-110.
- Onymas has joined 12 raids in total. For raid #13 Onymas can roll 100-200
- Onymas has joined 5 raids in total, but missed raid #6 the previous week/disconnected/failed to show up. For raid #7 Onymas can roll 40-140.

A list for everyones usable rolls will be posted and updated in the firelands raid thread.

The raidleader will always have the final say with loot. I.e. If I see that someone already has a heroic weapon and he rolls for another, slightly better one while the other rollers still have a normal version, then I will give it to the roller with the normal version. This is to stimulate progress.

Legendary staff
Alaran is already on the cinder part of the quest. For this reason he will get the first legendary if he decides to join the raid.
Ownymas will get it next.
Denerf/Frostings/Zyilir will go for it next, out of these the people with the most embers will get priority on them. Attendance will also be counted with this.
People with most embers.

Loot priority/rules: Twonymas DS 25
The following loot rules are in effect for this raid. However to stimulate progress and fairness a few extra rules are being applied. We will be using a DKP system that will also be based on attendance. For every boss that you are in the raid you get DKP points (lets say for now 2 DKP). If you joined at the start and were in the raid till the very end then you get an extra of 5 DKP. If you don't show up, miss a raid or suddenly disappear then your DKP will be deducted by 8 DKP.
Bonus DKP will be rewarded, if I feel like it. Same applies for DKP penalties.

For example.
- Twonymas has joined 1 raid from start till end. Cleared 8 bosses in this raid. For this raid Twonymas earned 21 DKP.
- Twonymas has joined 1 raid from start till end. However missed raid #2 completely. For raid #3 Twonymas has 13 DKP.
- Onymas has joined 1 raid, however only killed 6 bosses and had to leave early. For raid #2 Twonymas has 12 DKP.

DKP Bidding:
Main-spec will always take priority.
Bidding for main-spec begins at 2 DKP. If the item is not required as main-spec loot, it will then pass to off-spec bidding, which begins at 0 DKP (free). Once a member has bid for an item, members will then bid against each other with minimum increments of 1 DKP, and will continue to do so until all of the bidders pass on the item, leaving one winner. Bidding ends either when one member bids more than the other or when members bid the same and agree to roll.


Example 1: two people bidding against each other.
Twonymas: 2
Brovoke: 6
Twonymas: 10
Brovoke: pass

Zalgradis receives the item for 10 DKP.

Example 2: two people bidding, agreeing to roll.
Brovokes: 2
Brovoke: 30
Twonymas: 31
Brovoke: 31
Twonymas: roll

They roll, and the winner receives the item for 31 DKP.

Example 3: same as 2, but Twonymas does not decide to roll.
Twonymas: 31
Brovoke: 31
Twonymas: 32

Zalgradis receives the item for 32 DKP.

Example 4: multiple bidders for duplicate items (two of the same item).
Twonymas: 2
Brovoke: 6
Maambo: 7
Brovoke: 7
Twonymas: 8
Maambo: roll

Twonymas receives the item for 8 DKP, and Brovoke and Maambo roll for the item for 7 DKP.

Legendary daggers 4.3;
Kserxis gets the first pair, followed by me and Blue the last pair)

Please note
[*]If you ever go AFK during any boss fight, you will be removed from the raid. Chances are slim you'll ever join the pug again.
[*]Preferably, don't go AFK at all -- but if you have to, make sure to tell the raid leader. Be warned that excessive AFK'ing (i.e. slacking on trash) will get you kicked from the raid. Chances are slim you'll ever join the pug again.
[*]Be prepared to raid at a high pace, that means res fast, try to get quick drinks in between pulls, etc.
[*]Even if hindered by subpar gear, we expect to see your best efforts. Use consumables to boost performance. We are always monitoring people's performance. Performing well increases your chances of getting accepted to next week's raid.
[*]Know boss tactics beforehand, read up on the encounters you haven't been to yet.
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