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正规靠谱的彩票app (SLD)是其中一个最受尊敬的 CPA firms serving Walnut Creek and the San Francisco Bay Area. 大约有100名员工在湾区的三个办事处工作, SLD兼具大型和小型的优点 CPA firm. We provide the global reach, deep expertise, specialized resources, and other benefits of a large firm. This is exemplified by our membership in DFK International, a global association of accounting firms.

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– Sarah Trauner, President, SWT Consulting

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正规的购彩app下载处理会计报表However, we are also a small enough CPA firm 为客户提供个性化、响应性的正规靠谱的彩票app. 实践领域之间的持续沟通和高员工与客户的比率为你提供了技术专长和专注的注意力. 我们独特的方法一直赢得荣誉,包括 Forbes 杂志将我们列入2020年“美国最建议的税种”名单 & Accounting Firms.《正规的购彩app下载》也称我们为“前200强事务所”,并在2020年授予我们“最佳事务所中的最佳”.

在超过75年的时间里,我们提供了全方位的 auditing, tax, and accounting services并与北加州的私营企业建立了值得信任的关系. The industries we serve include real estate, manufacturing, construction, logistics, distribution and wholesale, food and beverage, and professional services. We also have extensive experience working with nonprofits and high net worth individuals. Many of our certified public accountants, such as Ronald “Ron” K. Simonian, have decades of experience. Ron has been with SLD for nearly 30 years. 他是战略商业和税务咨询专家, individual tax planning, merger and acquisition consulting, and accounting and auditing. 校长和像罗恩这样的员工是我们能够保持如此高水平的客户满意度的原因之一. 硅谷Staffing Group的总裁Eugene Lupario这样评价我们公司:

“我们已经与SLD合作了15年多. 他们一直能够提供特别的税务建议,并为我们建立新公司提供指导. 此外,SLD还提供了可靠的财务审查,并能够在任何需要的时候出现.”

Since our founding more than 75 years ago, 我们帮助了像SVS集团这样的大客户通过独立, proactive accounting advice. For a CPA 胡桃溪的律所,正规的购彩app下载谢伊·拉巴·多伯斯坦.

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